The ASBMB will be offering the exam in 2015 to graduating seniors studying at ASBMB-accredited schools.  If you are a student and would like to take the test, please contact the faculty at your school who is listed as the contact on the accredited schools page.  If you are a faculty member at one of the accredited-schools, and would like more information about requesting the exam, please email education@asbmb.org

ASBMB Degree Certification Exam
Once a program has been approved as an ASBMB-accredited program, its students become eligible for an ASBMB-certified degree.  To qualify for degree certification, students must:

  1. Be in their final year of study for their BMB degree and
  2. Exhibit a satisfactory performance on the ASBMB assessment instrument.

Exam Delivery
Eligible programs will administer the ASBMB assessment instrument to BMB students during their final year of study.  The examination will be provided in paper-format to the designated contact person for each ASBMB-accredited program.  This person will arrange for a time and location for all eligible students to take the exam (with appropriate accommodations for students with disabilities) and identify a proctor.  The ASBMB will arrange to have copies of the assessment instrument delivered via mail to the proctor on the day of or one day prior to the date of the examination.  All copies of the exam should be kept in a secure place until immediately prior to the examination period.  Students and faculty should NOT read any portion of the instrument prior to the exam period.  Completed exams must be mailed to the ASBMB as soon as possible.  Any unused exams MUST be returned to the ASBMB along with completed ones.   

Answers should be written in pencil.  Faculty should proctor the exam and be ready to assist students with questions intended to clarify content.  However, proctors should refrain from providing “hints”, etc. designed to direct the student toward possible answers.  

Exam Collection
At the end of the exam period, the proctors will collect all copies of the assessment instrument (including incomplete or unused ones) and mail them to the ASBMB at the following address as soon as possible: 

Education and Professional Development
11200 Rockville Pike
Suite 302
Rockville, MD 20852

Preparing for the Exam
Please refer to the following for additional information on the format of the exam and the practice questions provided:

Scoring and Results
Exams will be scored by a committee of ASBMB members using rubrics provided by the authors of the respective questions.  Each student response will be scored by three or more independent evaluators.  Any items exhibiting unusually disparate scores will be investigated by a team of two additional evaluators.  The members of the committee will be selected to insure both individual diversity as well as balance by region and institutional classification. Every evaluator will participate in a training experience to enhance uniformity of scoring.

ASBMB will compile all scores, determine cutoffs for certification, and communicate this information to each student individually. In addition, each program will receive a report of the aggregate scores achieved by their students on each question.
Exam Fee
As we are still in the early phases of the accreditation process, no examination fee will be charged for 2015.  Starting in 2016, we expect to charge a fee of around $25 per student for the certification exam in order to help defray the costs involved in the preparation and scoring of the certification exam.  

If you are a non-ASBMB-accredited school and would like to help us beta test the current version of the assessment instrument, please contact Peter Kennelly.