Student Chapters Travel Award

Read all criteria prior to submitting an application.

Application Deadline for this award ONLY: January 15th.
Each Student Chapters travel award provides up to $500 to support a designated student chapter member to present his/her research at the ASBMB Annual Meeting.

You must be your chapter's designated Student Chapters Travel Award recipient or winner of a Regional Meeting poster competition to apply.
All travel awards are given on reimbursement basis. Failure to attend the meeting and participate in required events will disqualify a student from receiving the travel award.

UAN travel awards are divided into two categories: 

Non-competitive travel awards

  1. To be awarded at the discretion of the student chapter faculty advisor.
  2. A chapter receives ONE travel award if it has 5 or more members. Chapters with 20 or more members receive TWO travel awards.
  3. Recipient must be a member of the student chapter.
  4. All eligibility requirements stated under “Student Chapters Travel Award Eligibility Requirements” also apply.

Regional meeting travel awards

  1. To be awarded by a student chapter that organizes and hosts a local or regional undergraduate symposium.
  2. At each symposium, a student chapter may award up to 4 travel awards.
  3. Each region of the student chapters (refer to a student chapter map) may host/organize one undergraduate student research symposia per year for a total of 4 regional meeting travel awards.
  4. Must notify the ASBMB office and/or student chapter regional director prior to hosting the symposium and after the awards are given out.
  5. Awarded based on the quality of the student’s research and presentation.
  6. Recipients do not have to be a member of any student chapter.
  7. All eligibility requirements stated under “Student Chapters Travel Award Eligibility Requirements” also apply.


  1. Must be a member of an ACTIVE student chapter
  2. Must be an undergraduate at the time of the ASBMB Annual Meeting
  3. Must be a student designated by your student chapter advisor to receive your chapter's $500 non-competitive travel award or must have attended a student chapters sponsored regional undergraduate research symposium and won a travel award during the event
  4. All travel awards must be used to support an undergraduate student to attend the ASBMB Annual Meeting and present his/her research.
  5. All travel award recipients must submit his/her poster abstract to an ASBMB Topic Category (#2000-2697) by the annual abstract submission deadline. LATE BREAKING ABSTRACTS ARE NOT ELIGIBLE. For the 2016 meeting, abstracts are due November 5, 2015. Absolutely no exceptions are made.
  6. Only the FIRST AUTHOR of a submitted abstract is eligible to receive the travel award and to present during the mandatory undergraduate poster competition (see #8).
  7. All travel award recipients must participate in the annual ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition in addition to his/her regularly scheduled presentation during the meeting. The 2016 Poster Competition is scheduled for April 2, 2016 from noon to 4:30 PM.

If you are unsure, check with your student chapter faculty advisor.  If your faculty advisor has questions, please ask him/her to contact


  1. Copy of abstract submitted as first author to an ASBMB topic category, must be uploaded in .pdf format.  All other file formats must be converted to .pdf.  


Award recipient is required to present his/her abstract twice at the meeting:

  1. During the main EB meeting.  Abstracts will be presented on Sunday, Monday OR Tuesday, in an ASBMB-programmed poster session that will include a cross-section of all meeting attendees. Programming notifications will be sent by the EB organizers in late January.
  2. ASBMB 20th Annual Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition on Saturday, April 2nd.  An invitation to compete will be emailed, in January, to eligible undergraduate, first/presenting authors of abstracts submitted to ASBMB topic categories #2000-2390.  You cannot sign up for the poster competition until you receive your invitation. Immediately prior to the Poster Competition. an Orientation for undergraduate students will be held from 11:30 am to 12:00pm. Invitations will be emailed to the address provided when you set up your login at the Experimental Biology abstract submission site.
  3. Travel award recipients are required to attend the ASBMB Annual Meeting and to present their research during both the general session AND the Undergraduate Poster Competition.
  4. Students must successfully submit first/presenting author abstracts of their research to an ASBMB topic category by the annual abstract submission deadline.


Students are selected to receive travel awards in the following two ways:

  1. Travel awards may be given to outstanding students who participate in regional UAN meetings. Each UAN region may apply for one ASBMB funded regional meeting per year. At each regional meeting, up to four UAN travel awards may be given to outstanding students based on their research.
  2. Travel awards recipients may also be designated by UAN faculty advisors based on a student’s research and academic achievement. In these cases, travel awards are given based on the number of student members in each chapter. Only chapters with ≥5 students qualify for travel awards. Chapters with between 5 and 19 student members receive 1 award per year, while chapters with greater ≥20 student members qualify for 2 travel awards. These students’ names must be submitted by the deadline date posted each year. (Visit the ASBMB annual meeting or UAN websites for information.)

Student applicant/designate (not advisor) must login with student's member email and password to complete the application.  Read the Travel Award Instructions and follow the link at the end of the instructions page.