Student Chapter Outreach Grant Program

The ASBMB Student Chapter Outreach Grant Program is a joint venture between the ASBMB Student Chapters and the Public Outreach Committee (POC) that will help individual chapters increase their involvement in science outreach activities. Funding is available for individual chapters to apply for up to $500 in support of outreach activities in their local community. Successful applicants will also receive exclusive access to outreach expertise and resources from the POC and be featured on the ASBMB website and publications. The deadline for this grant is November 15 and April 15 of each year. 

Outstanding Chapter Award

Each year, a chapter that demonstrates outstanding leadership and commitment to science education and promoting science literacy is recognized for its achievements.  The winning chapter will receive a $400 cash prize as well as an $850 travel stipend for the faculty adviser to attend the ASBMB Annual Meeting.  Apply online through the ASBMB Annual Meeting website. Application deadline for this award is February 19, 2016.  The award will be presented at the 2016 ASBMB Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA.  

Regional Meeting Award 

ASBMB provides funding for each Student Chapters region to hold a small scientific meeting aimed at bringing students and faculty together and highlighting research projects.  Each region is eligible for one Regional Meeting Award in the amount of $600. Applications are accepted by September 15 of each year.  Please submit your application to Andrea Anastasio at

Science Fair Award

This is a $50-$100 cash award presented to high school science students who demonstrate outstanding achievement in biochemistry and molecular biology research.  Student Chapters regions may apply for this award on a rolling basis.  Each region is eligible for 10 Science Fair Awards each year.  

Student Chapters Travel Award

Student Chapters Travel awards support students attending the ASBMB annual meeting.  Only students who have submitted poster abstracts by the Experimental Biology abstract submission deadline (late breaking abstracts are not eligible) will be eligible for this award.  Travel awards are divided into two categories:  regional meeting travel awards and non-competitive travel awards. Submission instructions are available on the ASBMB annual meeting website.     

Undergraduate Research Award

The purpose of this award is to provide support for undergraduate students conducting summer research projects.  The amount of each award is $1,000.  Each Student Chapters region may apply for up to two awards per year.   

Past Award Recipients

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