ASBMB Student Chapters

Mission Statement

The ASBMB Student Chapters is devoted to building a national network of undergraduate students and faculty for the advancement of research, education, and science outreach. Our mission is to provide networking opportunities and career development opportunities at regional and national conferences, access to research and science outreach, as well as grants and awards to facilitate these aims.   

Advantages of Joining the ASBMB Student Chapters

Student Benefits:

Faculty Benefits:

  • Access to the ASBMB Accreditation Program
  • Funding for undergraduate projects 
  • Financial support for K-12 science outreach and education
  • Discounted registration fees to the ASBMB annual meeting
  • Eligible for competitive travel grants to attend the ASBMB annual meeting 
  • Education and professional development opportunities

Chapter Responsibilities

Responsibilities of a chapter:

  • Recruit student members to the chapter
  • Maintain active ASBMB membership for all chapter members
  • Maintain an updated list of all student members and their contact information
  • Conduct science outreach and sponsor high school science fairs
  • Organize regional poster conferences
  • Attend and support education sessions at the ASBMB annual meeting
  • Organize journal clubs

 Responsibilities of chapter adviser:

  • Communicate with the ASBMB Student Chapters regional director on a regular basis
  • Report new chapter activities to the regional director and ASBMB, or designate a student member to provide regular updates
  • Facilitate and submit applications for scholarships and awards
  • Support student activities 
  • Serve as mentor for students

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How to organize a chapter 
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