Hands-on Opportunities to Promote Engagement in Science (HOPES) Grant

The goal of the Hands-on Opportunities to Promote Engagement in Science (HOPES) seed grants is to incentivize and support the development of outreach programs and partnerships by teachers and researchers. Each grant is worth up to $2,000 and will be awarded to teams consisting of one or more Junior High/High School teacher(s) (or other K-12 educator) and one or more university, college, or institutional (e.g. NIH, NSF, USDA) research scientist(s).

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Applications will be accepted starting in May 2015. Questions regarding the grant or workshops, or to be added to the project contact list, should be emailed to education@asbmb.org

HOPES Steering Committee:
Regina Stevens-Truss, Chair (Kalamazoo College)
Peter Kennelly (Virginia Tech University)
Ray Sweet (Janssen Biotech, Inc.)

This project was initially funded by grant #MCB-1217007 from the National Science Foundation.