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ASBMB publishes three prestigious research journals and a monthly magazine covering society news and updates. Consistently ranked as some of the most cited and respected journals in the field of experimental biology, ASBMB Journals publish original research in the fields of microbiology, molecular genetics, RNA-related research, proteomics, genomics, transcription, peptides, cell signaling, lipidomics and systems biology. 

All ASBMB Journals are  COUNTER- Compliant, and are completely accessible online, including fully searchable figures, drawing a large and varied group of researchers and students to the ASBMB Journal websites. All articles undergo an extensive peer-review process and are published online as Papers in Press upon acceptance. Find out more in our 2015 Media Kit


2015 Annual Meeting Sponsorships

With so many unique opportunities, this is the perfect chance for you to gain maximum exposure for your organization, while showing your support for ASBMB and the future of biochemical and molecular biological research.

The 2015 ASBMB Annual Meeting sponsorship information is available now.



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