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Abstract Instructions

Deadline Extension Announced: November 10 at 5PM, EST, Travel award deadline still remains Nov 11, 5PM, EST

ASBMB will program volunteered abstracts submitted to over 300 biochemistry and molecular biology topic areas.   Authors should first review ASBMB topic categories and select the one most closely related to the submitted research.
ASBMB topic categories are those with a 2000-series topic number (#2000 – 2390).  EB is a multi-society meeting, so be sure to note the topic number and society to which you submit your abstract, as this will be the programming society.

The abstract submission site closes promptly at 11:59 pm, EST, on Thursday, November 6th.   Do NOT wait until the last day to submit your abstract, due to heavy traffic and delays that may be experienced on the final day.
Only those abstracts submitted to an ASBMB topic category, on, OR BEFORE, November 6th will qualify for:

  • Oral presentation consideration, volunteered talks are 12 minutes.
  • ASBMB travel award/grant consideration, a separate travel award application is required.
  • Thematic Best Poster Award consideration.  Junior researcher first authors (Postdoc, Graduate and Undergraduate) submitting to ASBMB scientific topic categories, will have their posters judged.  Cash prizes will be awarded.
  • ASBMB Undergraduate Student Research Poster Competition participation.  In this case, the first author must be identified as an undergraduate in the first/presenting author status field.  Competition eligibility information available here.

Any abstract submitted after the November 6th deadline will qualify as “Late Breaking.”  All late breaking abstracts are programmed for poster presentation only, on Wednesday, April 1st.  Late-breaking abstracts do NOT qualify for oral presentation, travel awards, thematic best poster awards, or poster competition consideration/eligibility.

Presentation preference:
When submitting an abstract to the Experimental Biology meeting, the first author and the presenting author are the same.
The presentation preference options are Oral, Indifferent or Poster.  
If you wish to have your abstract reviewed and considered for a short, volunteered talk (12 minutes) please mark your abstract with the presentation preference, “Oral.”
All authors selected for oral presentation will also be required to present a poster of the same abstract.  It is possible the poster presentation may be scheduled on a day other than that of the oral presentation.  

Abstracts with an “oral” presentation preference, but not selected for oral programming will be programmed for poster presentation.

Those abstracts marked with presentation preference, ‘indifferent’ or ‘poster,’ may be considered by the program committee for short talk presentation, based on the quality and scientific relevance.  Authors will be contacted to confirm their willingness to present a short talk.

Programming notifications will be sent out in late January from Experimental Biology.

Abstract Submission