Grant Writing Workshop

The ASBMB grant writing and mentorship workshop is for assistant professors and postdoctoral scientists that are preparing to transition into an independent faculty position.  

2015 Workshop: June 4 - 6, 2015, Embassy Suites Hotel, Chevy Chase Pavilion, Washington, D.C.   

Agenda: The agenda for the 2015 workshop is available here.  

Quotes from Previous Participants:

"Inspired by the workshop, I have a “living” 5-year plan document that, in addition to keeping on track with administration, has helped me organize my overarching plans into something that is tangible." Benjamin Swarts, Assistant Professor, Central Michigan University

"The workshop was incredibly helpful and got me thinking about some important points that I needed to include in my grants.”  Nick Grossoehme, Assistant Professor, Winthrop University 

"The comments, feedback and advice I received at the workshop were very helpful, and I am glad I attended the workshop before starting preparing my first NIH grant application.”  Patricia Silveyra, Assistant Professor, Penn State University

Key features of the 2015 workshop include: 
  • Talks by NSF Program Directors about funding opportunities and strategies for successful proposal submission
  • Real time, constructive feedback on potential research proposals
  • A mock review panel to provide insight into the grant review process
  • Presentations on best practices for crafting a logical research plan and a creative broader impact statement
  • Practical advice on work-life balance, navigating academia and positioning your research program for sustained success
  • Networking with mentors, NSF Program Directors, and previous participants that have successfully been awarded funding
  • Access to an interactive, web-based forum for interacting with past and future participants and learning about new funding opportunities
  • Post-workshop one-on-one mentoring with a senior, funded ASBMB member
Mentors attending the 2015 workshop include:
  • Squire Booker (Penn State)
  • Sonia Flores (University of Colorado School of Medicine)
  • Orlando Acevedo (Auburn University)
  • Vahe Bandarian (University of Arizona)
  • Craig E. Cameron (Penn State) 
  • Karen Allen (Boston University)
  • Marion Sewer (UCSD)
  • Takita Felder Sumter (Winthrop University)

If you have questions about the workshop please contact