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ASBMB History

VIDEO: John Abel
Lecture, 1930

ASBMB Centennial Videos

Herbert Tabor

Mildred Cohn

Arthur Kornberg

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Award for Exemplary Contributions to Education

The Society created this award in 2005. It is administered by the ASBMB Education & Professional Development Committee.

The Award will be given annually to a scientist who encourages effective teaching and learning of biochemistry and molecular biology through his/her own teaching, leadership in education, writing, educational research, mentoring or public enlightenment. Nominations must be originated by Society members, but the nominees need not be ASBMB members. The Award will consist of a cash prize of $3,000, and the winner will present a plenary symposium lecture at the ASBMB Annual meeting.


2015 - J. Ellis Bell
2014 - Harold B. White III 
2013 - James M. Ntambi
2012 - Judith G. Voet and Donald Voet 
2011 - Cheryl A. Kerfeld

2010 - Lisa N. Gentile 
2009 - Rochelle Schwartz-Bloom
2008 - Michael F. Summers
2007 - Sarah C. Elgin
2006 - Thomas R. Cech